Thursday, 1 January 2009

Riemers Components 1.1.0

A little bit of functionality has been added since the last time I published the code, and time for a version update has arrived.

The new stuff in Version 1.1.0 is briefly described in related blog entries:
  1. The terrain weights are adjusted not only based on height, based also on the normal.
  2. A new class was added to generate heightmaps using Perlin Noise.
  3. The ability to create a larger heightmap from a small one through tiling was added.
  4. Placing volcanoes and craters on the heightmap is also possible.

If you would like to use these components in your own game, I suspect the best way is to copy code from my project to your project, and make changes to the classes as you see fit. The components were not created to be generic or to be a reusable library of sorts. It simply presents you with an approach to combine the various aspects of creating a terrain into a reasonable set of classes.

The interesting thing about class design is that it is a little bit of an artform. Like other art, not everybody like what they see, but the artist is likely to stay true to himself. Sometimes, the artist might even cut off his ear.

However, class design can also be a little bit of a science form. There is a lot to learn, and I need my ear for that, thank you very much. You may have better ideas on the class composition I did here and I invite you to share your ideas and feedback with me if you get some time.

I published the code in a zip file that can be downloaded here.

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